J.U.N.E is For....


So I’m fully biased about June—but it’s the. absolute. best. month.

Summer is here. School is out for some. Vacation Mode for many.

It may or may not be my birthday month ;)

Everyone’s got an adventure planned or an event they’re looking forward to…what’s not to love?!

So to celebrate June here are 4 things to give a little extra motivation &encourage an extra fun yet exceptionally organized and fulfilling summer!

J: Jump into something you’ve been procrastinating getting done.

Maybe if you’re a bride to be, it’s compiling the list of RSVPs that FEELS so daunting and insurmountable.

Maybe it’s cleaning out your KITCHEN DRAWERS in hopes of sparking some Marie Kondo joy to your currently cluttered homE.

Maybe it’s starting journaling or learning to cook.

Whatever the thing is that you haven’t gotten around to, I encourage you to jump in and spend a few hours giving it a go.

You may surprise yourself and find more clarity and more peace about being able to enjoy your summer ahead!

U. Understand Instagram versus Reality. It’s easy to get sucked into the scrolling through social trap. You have time off school, work, vacation and it’s natural to wonder what everyone else is up to. More often then not I know from personal experience along with friends and colleagues sharing how easy it is to slip into a space where you compare your reality to everything you see on your feed. It can be a downward spiral where all of a sudden you feel like your vacation, your home, your family…anything doesn’t measure up. I encourage you to sign off of Instagram. Log off of Facebook for a few hours—or days if you’re extra disciplined and do something you love to do. In that time, start a new project, start that summer reading list, watch a movie with your kids. Your reality doesn’t have to look like IG or FB for it to be wonderful!

N. Notice Gratitude. It’s a funny thing in life when you have so many things going on & the CONSTANT hurriedness makes your mind CONTINUOUSLY rushing to what’s next.

I find myself ending the day and thinking, I made it, HALLELUJAH. Even if it was a great day, it was a blur. I couldn’t fully appreciate it because of my frenzy state of mind.

In 2019 I started a prayer and gratitude journal. No matter what the day brought, I wrote down things I was grateful for & ALONG WITH THINGS I WAS praying and believing for. Some days it was things like sitting outside in nice Nashville weather or talking to a friend I hadn’t heard from in months. Even the small and insignificant things I found myself RECOGNIZING & BEING thankful for. I caught myself being more grateful during the day and excited about so much more.

It’s a perspective shifter.

WE don’t think about what’s in front of you because often times WE’re so used to it. Writing it down pulls from our memory and reminds US. That delicious lasagna you didn’t have to cook last night from your favorite restaurant? #Blessed & Grateful.

E Energize yourself. No one seems to have enough time. It’s all of us. We constantly plead for more hours in the day and WIND UP WITH a schedule that looks like pure chaos. Summer for some is even more so a frenzy thaN THE OTHER SEASONS. Summer camps, vacations, VBS, family in from out of town…should I go on?

I’m just as guilty of cramming as much as I possibly in to a day as the next person…believe mE. it’s SO bad.

Here’s what i know though. The thing is I always find myself feeling drained and running on E and am MUCH less productive the more I I pack into a day. I think I’ll be more productive with more on my schedule, but it really always ends up just the opposite. Mentally I’m wiped out, physically may not be much better. Why couldn’t that proposal wait till tomorrow? Why couldn’t that basket of laundry fold tomorrow?

Making time for stillness. Making time for things that fill uS up are SO important. When we put ourselves always on the back-burner we can’t do WELL all the things we normally are ROCKSTARS aT.

Carve out some time this June for you. I write “For you”, BUT most often THIS turns into for others. You’re a better you when you feel joy, loved and rested!

I’ll Leave you with some fun photos from one of Selah-Vié’s events this past month! A LUNCHEON FILLED WITH ALL THE FUN at THE VIEW AT FOUNTAINS.