I know, I know. If this setup doesn’t scream ‘Valentine’s Day Barbie Party Edition”, I don’t know what does! But truly, it’s one time I’m all about the cliché color scheme and I’m living for it!

I love that you can create this fun dessert & drink display for your family or next girl’s night in!

V-day sweetheart setup.jpg

Using items you have around your home is a great starting place for creating your setup. I used some Anthropologie blush china paired with a simple white dinner plate and fuschia charger. Play up the materials you have whether it’s a white linen you’ve used before or a recycled vase.

Pink Details. .jpg

One of my absolute favorite things about styling is selecting one detail that has meaning. There’s always a way to intentionally incorporate something that has importance to you or someone you’re celebrating with.

When I was younger, when Panera Bread first became a thing I remember my mom would let my sister and I splurge & each get a Jones Fufu Berry soda. It was that special thing that both my sister and I remember. Made us feel like grown ups, sipping on our fizzy pink drink in a trendy café. Those little details we all have in some shape or form reminds of simple times.

So when I found a case of these Fufu Berry drinks, I knew it was a sweet detail that couldn’t be passed up!

Choco covered details.jpg

No V-Day setup is complete without a chocolate covered detail. Arranging things can be simple & still make a statement!

pink branches.jpg

My favorite part of any type of styling is creating the show-off. Something that takes the predictable and kicks it up at the very least 10 notches. Spray painting & suspending branches along with some fresh blooms was just the added pop of dimension & texture this setup needed!